Opinion | Tucker Carlson’s Text, and ‘an Internal Struggle With Morality’

To the Editor:

Re “The Text That Got Carlson Dismissed” (Business, May 3):

How ironic that a text that included an unapologetic racist’s epiphany as to our common humanity was one of the causes for his firing.

The trigger was Tucker Carlson’s comment that “it’s not how white men fight,” but his acknowledgment and repudiation of his own lust for the Trump mob to kill the “Antifa kid” showed an honesty and reflection absent among his fellow TV personalities on Fox.

Michael K. Cantwell
Delray Beach, Fla.

To the Editor:

Your article correctly emphasized the racism inherent in the text message but completely failed to emphasize the human being who tried to identify with the victim and realized that the lust for violence was worth questioning.

Did you decide that given his history, Tucker Carlson does not deserve any recognition for what was clearly an internal struggle with morality? If so, you may be right, but you have also done a significant disservice by not recognizing that very act as essential to our common survival.

Getting proponents of violence to recognize that someone “loves this kid,” to see them as human and not the “other,” to care about their suffering is fundamental to overcoming the injustice that surrounds us.

Emily McFarland
Fairfax, Calif.

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