Amazon Fashion Names Muge Erdirik Dogan President

The online leader has a new head for fashion. 

Amazon Fashion named Muge Erdirik Dogan president on Wednesday. She takes over from Christine Beauchamp, who took leadership of the fashion business in 2017 and has now been promoted to be head of the company’s consumer categories in North America. 

Dogan has been with Amazon for 13 years and has led category, technology and operations teams, including baby and beauty. 

“I am looking forward to building upon the incredible work that has been done in this dynamic category under the leadership of Christine Beauchamp, and eager to leverage her guidance along with my experience in retail, technology and innovation,” Dogan said.

Dogan has played a key role in Amazon’s efforts to draw brands to the e-commerce giant. 

At a WWD Summit in 2016, when Dogan was general manager of Amazon Beauty, she noted: “Can the online experience preserve the brand equity — the brand equity so many of you worked so hard to build? Does the online space apply to beauty? Is the beauty customer online and is she shopping for beauty products online today? The answer to all three is yes.”

Amazon — which has gained market share and momentum during the pandemic, but is also facing a much more e-commerce savvy retail base — is now looking to draw designer fashion brands to its new luxury platform. 


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