Chip Cookies plans to expand into Colorado

Chip Cookies, a gourmet cookie delivery company, hopes to serve Denverites with sweet tooths soon as it plans to expand into the Mile High City.

The company, which was first launched in Utah in 2016, operates 10 locations in both the Beehive State and Idaho. Now, it’s looking to move east into Colorado, eyeing the Denver area for 10 to 15 new locations in the coming years.

“Denver is one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, and we’re confident that Denverites and the influx of families moving there will appreciate the sweet moments that Chip Cookies provides,” said Sean Wilson, CEO and co-founder.

Chip Cookies‘ flavors include chocolate chip, “sugar chip” with cream cheese frosting and sprinkles, and more. Customers can buy orders of four large cookies or choose the mini option, which packs nine per box.

The company’s story began when Wilson’s wife Sarah — also a co-founder — was pregnant with her first child, and often craved chocolate chip cookies late at night. It sparked Wilson’s business plan for a cookie delivery service.

Now, their team is seeking new franchise partners for the Denver expansion.

“We are confident that our loyal customers and proven business model will make Chip Cookies and our franchise partners a huge success in Denver,” said Sarah Wilson. “There will always be a need for a pick-me-up, so we can’t wait to find more franchisees who will help us become the go-to spot for a warm, fresh cookie in Denver.”

Chip Cookies will take on the Mile High City’s saturated cookie delivery market, which already includes industry giants Insomnia Cookies and Crumbl Cookies.

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