Desperate for a Trip? Here Are the Questions to Ask Before You Go.

Travel has become a lot more complicated. Now, the calculations include whether you want to fly and what safety measures are in place at the hotel.

By Paul Sullivan

Like millions of people who have been able to work from home this past year, Gigi Gomez was desperate for a change of scenery.

She had been working full time from her apartment in Miami Beach while taking business school classes. Ms. Gomez, 38, said she had also been taking care of her 80-year-old grandmother, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

But she found that determining how and where to vacation involved significantly different calculations from those she would have had to make in the past.

For one, what would a resort need to offer so that she felt comfortable going there? A reduction in the room rate was a given — few resorts are anywhere near full, even if they are allowed to operate at full capacity. But what protections would the hotel provide?

If she were to fly somewhere, how long a flight was she willing to take? Would she need to be tested for the coronavirus before she left or on arrival? And what about the risk that she might catch the virus en route and have to quarantine for her entire vacation?

Ms. Gomez also wanted to go somewhere that felt safer than her neighborhood in South Beach, where restaurants and bars were packed with people not wearing masks.

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