Former Fashion Editors Lend Hand on New Weather Style App

Former longtime Elle magazine editor Anne Slowey and stylist Anne Christensen have lent their expertise to a new startup app that resembles the digitized closet in “Clueless.”

Latitude, launching today and helmed by Slowey and former McKinsey & Co. consultant Matthew Sargeant, is a so-called “fashion weather app” that suggests outfits based on the day’s climate. Christensen forecasts seasonal trends that are then shopped out by Latitude’s staff — presenting users with key pieces like trenchcoats or wide-legged pants in a variety of price points, as well as rental options.

The app was Sargeant’s idea, who as an Australian, “kept getting frustrated by Fahrenheit, I didn’t know what it meant and had to go back to Celsius. The idea was to translate the weather into something meaningful.”

Slowey added that, “We wanted to take the fear factor out of fashion and de-weaponize it to make it a realistic app. It’s a one-stop shop, not just about what to wear in the morning, but how to make your relationship with your closet less stressful. We are aware that a normal person wears a pair of pants two or three times a week, so we have planned the app to reflect that.” These functions are available for men’s and women’s clothing.

Developed over the last 18 months, the app took on a larger format, with the aim of providing users a daily hub to check first thing each morning. “We have beauty tips, aggregated news to know, mantras, a meditation site. It’s like if you were in a cab [watching taxi TV] and we give you all the things you want to know,” said Slowey.

Much like Wear, the popular Japanese fashion social media app, Latitude also has a function where users can share their own outfits and guide others on the elements of style.

Latitude has launched with a range of brands in its recommendations including Athleta, Dries Van Noten, Canada Goose, Brock Collection and Ganni — a mix intended to speak to today’s more casual circumstances. No brands have been signed as partners, but Slowey and Sargeant said they are interested in exploring investment opportunities and affiliate marketing programs as the app’s user base develops.

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