What each UK supermarket is rationing as coronavirus panic-buying continues

Several major supermarkets have imposed restrictions on popular items such as soap and pasta in a bid to help prevent panic-buying.

Images on social media showed entire shelves empty of toilet roll and hygiene products over the weekend, while in many stores, hand sanitisers have been placed behind checkouts to restrict the number of sales per person.

It comes Public Health England urged members of the public to "plan ahead" for if they had to self-isolate for a couple of weeks.

Tesco has almost entirely sold out of dried pasta online and has now introduced a five limit number on several items, including anti-bacterial wipes and long-life milk.

The grocer is rationing baked beans and pasta as experts warned 100,000 people could die in the UK.

It is also limiting sales of hand sanitiser gels – bottles of which have been on sale online at 50 times their value.

It comes as a third coronavirus patient died in the UK on Sunday.

Public Health England has urged people to "plan ahead" in case they have to self-isolate, but the Government’s chief scientist Sir Patrick Vallance said there is "absolutely no reason" to panic buy.

A Defra spokesman said decisions on limiting sales were for stores but added Environment Secretary George Eustice would discuss the moves with bosses today.

Food was last rationed during and after the Second World War with limits in place until 1954.


Five-item limit on a number of items including pasta, anti-bacterial wipes, gels and sprays, and long-life milk until further notice.

The grocer told Mirror Money this list is being "continuously reviewed".


Only online at the moment, and only includes restrictions on certain anti-bacterial soaps and wipes.

A spokeswoman told Mirror Money: "In-store, we are currently not putting a cap on any products. We have introduced a temporary cap on certain products on Waitrose.com including some antibacterial soaps and wipes, to ensure our customers have access to the products they need. We continue to work with suppliers to help meet demand."


No restrictions on any items at the moment.


No restrictions on any items at the moment.


Hand sanitiser restricted to two per person both in-store and online. No food restrictions. Many anti-bacterial products out of stock online.


No limits on any purchases at present.


A Lidl spokeswoman told us there are currently no limits on any purchases, however the retailer is "monitoring the situation">


No limits on any purchases.

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