Where Has Bottega Veneta Gone?

WHITE SPACE: Bottega Veneta has disappeared from Instagram, just like that. The site had 2.5 million followers, and 1.9 million posts, and it remains unclear why Bottega pulled it down, or whether it will return.

Could Bottega be making a statement about Instagram? Or the role of luxury brands on social media? Is it an invitation for other brands to do the same? A plea to followers to stop spending so much time online? Or is it just a technical glitch?

A spokesperson for the brand declined to comment.

The Instagram mystery comes less than a month after Bottega Veneta’s unconventional spring 2021 outing.

The show started life as a small physical presentation at London’s Sadler’s Wells, and was turned into a film and an accompanying book by Rosemarie Trockel, the German conceptual artist. Both were released in December.

At the time Daniel Lee, Bottega’s creative director, talked about reaffirming the brand’s codes “with a human touch,” and the collection was tactile, crafty and lots of fun. Maybe leaving Instagram is part of a search for a more authentic relationship with the brand’s fans.

Even with the site gone, followers of Bottega and Lee will be able to get their fix from the myriad fan sites and pages that still exist, which are not affiliated with the brand.

Those sites include newbottega; bottegaveneta.by.daniellee; bottegaveneta_international; bottega.men; and by_daniel_lee, to name a few.

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