Ministry of Education moves against Covid-19 conspiracy email sent by teacher

By John Gerritsen of RNZ

The Ministry of Education has reacted swiftly after a senior teacher sent Covid-19 conspiracy theories to at least 40 principals and teachers.

Greg Londt from Te Kuiti High School emailed a pdf book that included allegations about 5G, the deep state, and Bill Gates.

Londt used a personal email to send the message, which said “many people are trying to curb freedom of speech”, and “I believe that a time is coming when teachers might lose their jobs over these issues”.

The ministry said it disagreed with the content of the email and contacted the chair of the high school’s board of trustees as soon as it was alerted to the email.

It said it had done a lot to ensure teachers and principals had access to accurate information about Covid-19.

A principal who received Londt’s message said it was unacceptable and chilling.

Another principal reacted to the email with the expression “woah”, but refused to comment because she did not want to give airtime to the ideas Londt was sharing.

Londt told RNZ via email that he would not comment other than to say he regretted sending the information.

“I am strongly regretting the action and don’t want any more publicity,” he wrote.


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