New rites of passage in the Covid-19 era

To be fair to Durham University, when I went there in the 1960s from a South Yorkshire working-class background, the only criterion for admission seemed to be whether you could catch a rugby ball. League or union didn’t matter (Students from northern England facing ‘toxic attitude’ at Durham University, 19 October).
Mike Smith

I mused on Emma Beddington’s article about the firsts in her son’s life (My son has become a Covid tester. It’s a world of anxiety, overtime – and Fray Bentos pies, 22 October) while I sewed a mask for my grandson’s 11th birthday present – his first rite of passage.
Hilary Stokes

It’s costing £7m to rebrand the roads agency (Highways England rebrand accused of being an ‘offensive’ waste of £7m, 20 October)? That’s highway robbery!
Pete Rushforth

Your report (20 October) on plans to extend wireless 4G to the lunar surface filled me with hope. Perhaps the same technology could be used to provide a similar service to this corner of Bournemouth?
David Foster
Bournemouth, Dorset

Having just read Richard Sharp’s political history (Rishi Sunak’s ex-Goldman Sachs boss emerges as next possible BBC chair, 22 October), I can see how he would fit into his putative new post seamlessly.
Eddie Dougall
Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

You report that the government is seeking a failure specialist (UK government seeks test and trace executive for up to £2,000 a day, 22 October), but surely it has plenty of homegrown talent in the cabinet to fill such a vacancy?
Pete Lavender

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