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Avoid This Dump
Reviewer: [email protected], Paris, France

Avoid this place at all costs, it is nothing more than a "Wal-Mart" type hotel that is really inconvenient. The lobby has no one to help you, I waited 1 hour for someone to help carry mybags because I had a sprained shoulder at the time. To get to your room you need to use the car key, to use the restroom you need the key, to get ice you need the key, get the picture? No one to help you but yourself and on top of that, I was harassed by the security at the lobby because I used the restroom and he thought I was a vagrant! I spent about $450 here for about 6 days and it was a waste. The pool is located on the roof, outside, and this is San Francisco where it gets to 50*F! Don't bother with this place unless all the decent places are booked.

Do-it-yourself hotel
Reviewer: San Francisco visitor, Rumson, New Jersey

You walk into the lobby and there is nobody. You walk to the front desk and it is unattended. Others are waiting but do not share your concern, because they've already resigned themselves. By the time I got to talk with a clerk about 30 minutes had elasped. I wouldn't say she was unfriendly, but her demeanor was that of...that of someone who just didn't want to be there. After check-in I discovered that the elevators required a swipe of the room card. Of course mine didn't work and I had to head to the front desk, where I again waited for the single clerk, even though there was a queue of about 6 people. This elevator security, which I'd never seen before, must be a lot cheaper than hiring actual humans to staff the place. The nicest person in the hotel was the Mexican maid who cleaned my room. The room was properly bland. Great view undermined by an ancient motel-style heater that sounded like an Chevy truck. NO tolietries in the bathroom except a bar of soap and a sign telling me to call room service if I wanted toiletries. Oh yeah, and the parking garage refused the paper validation I purchased at the front desk for 25 dollars. More of a vending machine than a hotel.

Would return
Reviewer: San Francisco visitor, San Juan, PR

Stayed for 3 days on october, 2003; also stayed at La Quinta, 5 blocks away (see that review too!). Location is excellent, lots of muni buses just in front, and the California Street Cable Car around the corner. Just get a map and decide where to go next! Every room has a view and I guess this is the major plus for this hotel; I was on the 18th floor and would spend my time in the room looking out the window. The room was excellent, with all amenities. No complimentary breakfast, though. But there are lots of places to eat at Polk St, behind the hotel. Very safe neighborhood. The staff was ok, but they could use more people at the counter. The entrance and lobby look plain, but don't get discouraged by that. They even have a very well stocked store in the lobby where you can book your next shuttle to the airport, sightseeing trip or buy something for breakfast! Very good choice.

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