Throne-warmer King Charles hamstrung and out of ideas, royal expert claims

King Charles is a "throne-warmer" who is "out of ideas", according to a royal expert.

The monarch has been in power for nearly a year, and as the anniversary of his ascension looms, many fans taking a look back at his legacy so far can't ignore the numerous issues plaguing the Firm – in particular its ongoing battle with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Royal expert Kinsey Schofield said the "hamstrung" king may be realising he's bitten off more than he can chew, and isn't getting any younger.

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"Charles has reportedly realised that he is only going to be a throne-warmer for son Prince William," she wrote for

Particularly bothersome to the monarch appears to be the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's ongoing royal-bashing, which has done nothing to bridge the ever-widening gulf between them and their estranged relatives.

The King has responded by evicting them from their Windsor residence of Frogmore Cottage and quietly removing their titles from the Royal Family's official website.

But Schofield said Charles' measures still haven't been sufficient to silence the pair, with the duo not showing any concrete signs of letting up from their onslaught.

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She continued: "Charles remains at sea over how to contain the Sussexes once and for all.

"The King seems hamstrung and out of ideas about how to sort this mess out."

So what next for the royals? Schofield suggested the real change won't come until William takes his place on the throne.

A source recently told the Sunday Times: "The country is struggling on so many fronts and big changes within the monarchy might not chime well with the times.

"I think Charles realises that the main changemaker will be William, who will have more licence to do it [as monarch] and Charles has decided to be the ‘steady-as-we-go’ monarch, providing the stability and continuity the country needs now.”

Schofield commented: "In other words, a bit of a placeholder, who will keep the crown ticking over until it’s William’s turn."

The Daily Star previously reported the King was planning to hold urgent talks with his successor and his wife, Kate Middleton, to discuss the "future of the monarchy".

It is hoped the much-loved Waleses will weaponise their "star quality" and prioritise the Commonwealth to save the institution, an unnamed source reportedly told The Mirror.

"His Majesty is very clear. The Commonwealth must be at the very heart of his reign," the insider claimed.

"He sees it as his utmost duty to fulfil the sincere wish of his late mother, that one of his central roles must be to ensure not only the survival but the robustness (of the organisation)."

Despite the strategy, the King, Queen Camilla and the Prince and Princess of Wales all have yet to visit a commonwealth country since they all rose through the royal ranks last September.

However, an upcoming trip to Kenya for the King and Queen could see this change.

William and Kate may also be on hand to launch their own tours of the globe, but must be wary of the "complete catastrophe" which marked their Caribbean tour.

An insider added: "The Caribbean tour wasn’t a complete catastrophe, but it was a massive wake-up call. Simply turning up with a wave and a smile and a speech of friendship will not work any more."

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