John Bercow slander campaign against ex PMs continues with attack on Boris

The ex-MP lashed out after claims by Theresa May that he had “blatantly” abused his power in the role to derail attempts to deliver Brexit.

Mr Bercow said Mrs May’s claims carried “no weight or credibility whatsoever”. But he said she is now looked on more favourably because she was followed by “corrupt” Mr Johnson and “incompetent” Liz Truss.

“By comparison with her corrupt successor and her incompetent successor but one, Liz Truss, she now gets a relatively good press,” he said.

“But what people shouldn’t forget is that she became prime minister in order to deliver Brexit, and she failed three times to do so.

So I think the reason why she’s now thrashing around four years later … is that she wants to find someone to blame other than herself for her own palpable failure.

READ MORE John Bercow fires back at Theresa May for ‘abject failure’ in bitter Brexit row

Mr Bercow said the deal did not get through because it was “wholly unacceptable to her own party” and claimed the former PM was trying to shift blame for her own “abject failure” over Brexit.

“Theresa May’s problem, I’m afraid, was that she was the prisoner of her own party,” he told Times Radio. The attack follows claims by Mrs May that her Brexit deal was scuppered by Mr Bercow because he refused to let her put it to MPs.

She said: “We got to a point where the DUP were being positive. [Mr Bercow] wouldn’t let us put the motion down. “So that meant we couldn’t have the debate, we couldn’t have the vote, and by the time we did, the DUP had changed.

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“Until John Bercow took office, I had never seen someone so blatantly abuse the power they held as Speaker to promote a particular view”

Mr Bercow said: “My response is extremely specific. First there was not a scrap of evidence whatsoever from any public statement of any kind at any time that the Democratic Unionists were suddenly going to vote for, having three times, they voted against it.

“To a man and a woman, there’s no evidence of any change of mind at any stage on their part. “The second point is when she says the usual processes were followed and we went to the speaker about the terms of the motion.

Sorry, there was no usual process in that sense at all.” Mr Johnson’s aides declined to comment.

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