New maps show exact dates another mini-heatwave will swelter Britain

UK weather: Outbreaks of rain forecast by Met Office

As one heatwave ends, another is set to begin in just a matter of days.

That’s according to new weather charts which show the mercury catapulting to a sizzling 26C in the south east this Saturday, September 16, engulfing Greater London, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Essex, Sussex and Kent. 

The return of high temperatures follows the unprecedented week-long heatwave enjoyed across the country, where each day saw highs of at least 30C.

However, the Met Office has remained on the side of caution with predictions and is instead forecasting temperatures of around 22C in the same spots over the weekend.

Much of Scotland and Northern Ireland will see sunny spells with sporadic showers set to push across parts of England. 

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WXCHARTS shows by 6pm on Saturday the mercury will be hitting 26C in the south and around 9C to 10C in the north and Scotland.

But by Sunday temperatures should subside, with highs of 21C predicted, meaning a potential 5C drop could happen overnight.

This will be a welcome relief for many after a near-week long heat health alert in place for scores of vulnerable people across Britain who could become ill due to the unprecedented September heat. 

But with meteorological autumn set to arrive just next week, many will be wondering when the colder weather may start to set in. 

Met Office’s long-range forecast

The Met Office’s long-range forecast predicts the humid air this weekend will be interspersed with thundery conditions, too. 

From September 16 to 25 it says: “On Saturday, much of Scotland and Northern Ireland will see sunny spells and scattered showers.

“Central or southern areas of the UK are likely to see a band of rain, which may begin to edge further north. Temperatures rather cool under and north of this; but warmer and more humid to the south, with the potential for some showers and thunderstorms here.

“Through Sunday and Monday, these warmer, humid conditions with the potential for heavy, thundery outbreaks of rain are likely to spread north to other areas of the UK, displacing more settled, drier conditions further north.

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“Beyond this, changeable conditions are most likely, with periods of rain or showers for many, most frequent in the north and west. Temperatures are likely to be around or a little above average.”

But looking ahead to the start of October, there’s hope that the warm weather could actually hang around. 

From September 26 to October 10, the Met Office adds: “Confidence in the forecast for the end of September to early October decreases, with increased uncertainty in part due to the remnants of tropical storms in the Atlantic.

“However, there is likely to be an increased incidence of high pressure in the vicinity of the UK compared to usual for this time of year, which would result in settled weather conditions.

“Temperatures are also likely to be above the seasonal average overall, with an increased chance compared to normal of late season warm spells.”

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