Youngsters are bunking off work because they fear the world is ending

Youngsters are bunking off work because they fear the world is about to end.

Reports show snowflakes are calling in sick because they are suffering from “eco-anxiety” and can’t go into the office.

Force of Nature, a youth non-profit organisation, said more than 70% of young people feel hopeless due to the climate crisis and 56% believe humanity is doomed.

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It said their concerns have got so bad some are unable to perform at work.

A spokesperson for Bright HR, who have a sickness tracking tool for managers, said their software showed an increase in the numbers of people skiving due to fears the world could end.

They said: “When the end is nigh, sickness rates are high.”

Their absence management data picked up a whopping 75% jump in sickness absences on January 24, know as “doomsday” this year.

The spokesperson added: “Coincidence, or apocalyptic employees shunning the workplace to spend their predicted last hours on Earth with loved ones…?

“Some employees were clearly ready for the end of the world, in true Doomsday prepper style, by submitting annual leave requests in advance.

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“We found the rather depressing term ‘doomed’ in multiple requests, whilst several others stated ‘doomsday’ — and one rather jolly employee gave his reason for booking the day off as 'we are all doomed!'

“Whatever the reason for taking time off – whether pre-booked or by calling in sick on the day – the mass upheaval of staff caused utter destruction to workplace rotas and scheduling, leaving employers facing their own day of judgement.”

Alan Price, CEO at BrightHR, said “At BrightHR we’re seeing more and more references to the terms ‘climate’, ‘doom’, or the ‘environment’, or to attend protests, amongst the reasons employees are giving for sickness absences and annual leave requests.

“Climate change and environmental issues are valid and reasonable concerns which should be respected. But employers are unlikely to be (global) warming to staff using them as excuses for skiving.”

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