Blokes dressed in Nazi uniforms crash quiet seaside towns 1940s festival

A group of blokes decided to dress up in Nazi SS troops while attending a local 1940s festival.

The group showed up at Sheringham High Street, Norfolk to take part in the annual festival, which celebrates cultural symbols of the 40s. It also highlights the community spirit during the Second World War.

The controversial get-up included SS markings on their collars and badges with swastikas and ‘death’s head’ symbols. And the rest of the festival wasn’t happy about it.

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According to The Mirror, one man decided to confront the inappropriate group. It allegedly resulted in a brawl, which police had to break up.

One of the uniformed men told officers they had been assaulted by a member of the public as officers escorted them from the scene. Officers removed the men in a bid to keep the peace.

Festival organisers said to local media that German uniforms from the period are permitted at the event, but not if they "promote the Nazis". More conventional uniforms seen in the event's Re-enactment Parade included those of the British military, other allied forces, and classic police uniforms.

Other people meanwhile wore outfits referencing celebrities and civilian fashion trends of the era. The demeanour of the men is said to have left some at the event feeling uncomfortable, with one attendee whose father escaped Nazi Germany in the Kindertransport claiming they were "marching in unison".

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He told the Eastern Daily Press: "It was deeply offensive. These men were not milling about and blending in among people. They were marching and making a demonstration. It was frightening."

Another eyewitness described a sense of "tension and shock in the air" at the family event, which is attended by around 25,000 people every year and has been running since the 1990s. One person on Facebook said they saw the men "laughing and joking outside a pub" moments before they were approached by a member of the public.

Police have confirmed they are investigating the alleged assault and said no one was injured. A statement from Norfolk Constabulary said: "A police officer on patrol in Sheringham came across a confrontation in the High Street on Saturday (16 September) at about 5.30pm, involving a man and a group of people who had been attending an event.

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“The officer intervened and quickly resolved the incident. One man reported being assaulted and this is being investigated further. No one was injured during the incident."

The Schutzstaffel or 'SS' was founded by the Nazis as Adolf Hitler's personal bodyguard unit, before being made elite guard of the Nazi Reich during the Second World War. The 'Death's Head' unit of the SS was responsible for managing concentration and extermination camps.

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