Chinese buffet staff measure son and tell dad hes too tall for kids meal

An 11-year-old boy was denied a kid’s portion at a Chinese buffet restaurant because he was “too tall” as his fuming dad was forced to pay an adult price.

Craig Cantrill, 50, claims he was charged £22.50 instead of £10 for his five-foot son Joshua's meal at Chinese buffet Wong Ting in Sheffield, South Yorkshire. He said staff measured Joshua before telling him that his son was taller than 4.5ft (1.5m), and he must therefore be charged as an adult.

Craig challenged the decision after his son only ate half a plate of chow mein, crispy duck and prawn crackers.

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However, the restaurant’s decision still stood.

Steel worker Craig said: "if he was a 15 or 16-year-old lad or in secondary school, then we would fully understand it.

"He's just started his last year in primary school and has just turned 11 – he's not even in secondary school. I was absolutely disgusted."

Craig, who went to the restaurant with his wife Jane, 48, and a group of family friends, said that Joshua and another other youngster were taken away by staff to be measured.

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Staff then explained that because Joshua is taller than the sign, Craig will have to pay the adult's price for him.

Craig added: "On the menu, it said height dependent but it didn't state what the height was.

"Then on the wall, there was a really tacky sign that someone had drew with a biro and just hung on the wall.

"The restaurant owner was joking with my son and asking if he wanted a pint of Cobra.

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"I said you might as well get him one, as they were charging us full-price for him but he walked off. They could have drawn that sign and stuck it up wherever they wanted."

Craig is now boycotting the establishment and said he "doesn't see" why they wanted the extra £12.

Wong Ting manager Lance Pang defended his policy and said: "I will stick to my guns as this is our policy. If you don't like it, you have the option to leave.

"People are ignorant. It's on the menu. Sometimes you get a child who is 15 and six-foot-two and they eat more than anyone else."

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