Drunk degenerate Brit touched my bum in Benidorm pub during live broadcast

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    A woman has claimed a Brit holidaymaker touched her bum in a Benidorm pub while she was broadcasting live on Twitch.

    Spanish influencer Isabella Gonzalez, better known by her social media handle Gonsabellla, warned off the holidaymaker who allegedly made a lunge for her behind while in Benidorm. The mystery man was told "don't touch" after whipping his hand near the model.

    A bloke speaking in an English accent can be heard saying "sorry" repeatedly after the alleged groper looked away. Isabella, who boasts 165,000 followers on Instagram, has since spoken out on the incident, which she has made a "formal complaint" about.

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    Taking to social media after footage of the uncomfortable incident aired, Isabella has thanked those who helped her and said the police are supporting her report.

    Gonzalez said: "I’ve gone to make a formal complaint. The police have been delightful. They told me I did the right thing by reporting it but that it’s going to be difficult to take the appropriate measures because they don’t have more details of the man in question other than what you see in the video.

    "They said they would tell me if they had any update. I would like to thank all the people who have taken the trouble and the time to write to me."

    There was no mention from Isabella of how the bloke would be identified through the footage, and with no more details left, it may prove tricky. Sunglasses were covering the man's eyes, who was seen wearing a Wath Brow Hornets vest.

    A friend's northern English accent was the only word heard from the footage, with the alleged groper not speaking during the incident.

    Gonzalez had reportedly explained the incident to her fans, saying: "He grabbed me by my trousers, I don’t know whether to look at my bottom or my knickers or what..what a degenerate!"

    Holidaymakers had allegedly surrounded the Instagram star earlier in the evening, with Isabella picking a quiet part of the bar to broadcast to her fans. Even after cornering herself in a quiet part of the bar, she was made to feel like a "performing monkey" by "really drunk" people.

    Gonzalez added: "They’re really drunk. But that shouldn’t be an excuse for people to touch me because I drink as well and I never think about bothering anyone. I don’t think what’s just occurred is something that I can report to the police, let’s not get over-dramatic but you don’t have to touch anyone.

    "It’s not an excuse but at least the person with him has said ‘sorry’ because he realised the other guy went over the top." Isabella has devoted herself to full-time Twitch streaming since 2021, ditching her job to "make the leap" into full-time content creation.

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