Lucy Letby will be lonely behind bars as fellow inmates try for trophy kill

Sick child killer Lucy Letby will live a "lonely" life behind bars as a former prison official warns she will be a "trophy" target.

The 33-year-old was handed a whole life order for the murder of six babies at the Countess of Chester Hospital neonatal unit between 2015 and 2016 and and attempting to kill six others. Letby's applied to be granted permission to appeal against all her convictions and is set for a retrial on one count of attempted murder.

Now, a former prison governor believes some fellow prisoners will "think nothing" of trying to end the life of the child killer. Vanessa Frake says child killers were deemed the "lowest of the low" behind bars.

Letby will be "segregated" from other prisoners for some time, though her life in prison may mired by paranoia as the grim murderer will always have to keep an eye out, according to governor Frake.

Speaking to LADBible on how Letby will be initially treated behind bars, the ex-prison governor said: "She will probably spend the majority of her time initially by herself in a segregation unit. She won't be allowed to mix with the general population of the prison at this precise time for obvious reasons.

"To protect not only her, but other prisoners. So for her, I'm afraid it's going to be quite a lonely existence. At some stage though, the prison authorities will risk assess and make that decision."

But once introduced to the rest of the prison population, which may not be for "a good few years yet", Letby will find herself fending off against prisoners hoping to bag a "trophy" kill.

Ex-governor Vanessa continued: "Child killers in this day and age are seen as the lowest of the low in prison. The likes of Lucy Letby will probably always have to look over their shoulder. Prison staff can be there most of the time, but there will always be that occasion when they won't be about."

When prompted to answer whether there will be attempts made on Letby's life, the former prison head said: "I think that there are prisoners in the women's estate who will think nothing of trying to get a trophy like Lucy Letby.

"There are some serious prisoners locked up in the female estate who would have a go in the blink of an eye if given the opportunity." Letby will serve a rare whole-life order after she was sentenced earlier this year, the Daily Star reported.

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