Hamas terrorist kills gran in her home before posting sick video on Facebook

A beloved grandmother was killed in her home by a member of Hamas during the group’s rampage in Israel, her distraught granddaughter has claimed.

The granddaughter, called Mor Bayder, said to have learned about her grandmother’s murder as her killer allegedly took a video of the woman with her own phone after butchering her and shared the harrowing clip on her Facebook account.

Ms Bayder recalled seeing “the nightmare of my life” on her grandmother’s social media account at 7am on Sunday, the day after Hamas started its terror attacks on Israeli civilians and soldiers.

Taking to her own Facebook account, Ms Bayder claimed: “The pillar of my life, in my family’s life. My grandmother, a resident of Kibbutz Nir Oz all her life, was [killed] yesterday in a brutal murder by a terrorist in her home.

“Seven in the morning, I saw the nightmare of my life. A terrorist came home to her, killed her, took her phone, filmed the horror and published it on her Facebook wall. This is how we found out.”

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The grieving granddaughter went on to pay tribute to her doting grandmother, saying: “The purest thing in the world, the light of my life, my whole world, my grandmother, can’t make it real.

“This morning I didn’t get ‘My dear teacher, did you get up?’ like every morning when you were persistent not a minute after seven. My heart is shattered to pieces.

“Those who know me know what she is to me, what a connection we had, what a person she is, pure and good.

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“My grandmother loved life but how do we go on without you? Who am I without you? I’m not willing to talk about you in the past, it’s a nightmare of my life.

“I love you and you know it, in every room of my heart, in every particle of my body, in every fibre of my organ. My grandmother, my flower, the light of my life, my whole world.”

Hamas launched an unexpected and devastating attack on Saturday morning, gunning down civilians in Israeli settlements close to Gaza, launching air strikes on Tel Aviv and kidnapping dozens of women, children and soldiers.

In response, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ordered retaliatory air strikes on the Gaza Strip, from where Hamas militants launched their attacks.

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On Saturday evening, Israel’s leader formally declared war on Hamas, as he said in a national address: “Citizens of Israel, we are at war. Not an operation, not a round [of fighting,] at war! This morning Hamas initiated a murderous surprise attack against the state of Israel and its citizens.”

The war’s death toll has already topped 1,500, with more than 800 Israelis among the victims and almost 700 Palestinians.

Since the weekend, the Israeli military said to have hit hundreds of militant targets in Gaza, and air strikes continued into the third day of war on Tuesday.

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