Hamas terrorists cut baby out of pregnant womans womb, Israel says

Hamas terrorists cut a baby from the stomach of a pregnant woman, according to Israeli troops who found the bodies of 20 children tied up, it has been claimed.

The deceased youngsters were found burned in Be'eri Kibbutz following an air raid from the terrorist organisation, Israel claims.. Israeli sources claim a woman's womb was cut open at the scene and the baby stabbed.

Emergency response commander Yossi Landau alleged they came across the bodies, including those of a pregnant lady who had been shot in the head. Her stomach, he says, was "wide open" and a knife was used to sever the unborn child.

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Commander Landau believes the dead bodies, which included babies and young children who were burned to death in an ambush on a number of neighbourhoods, were carried out by Hamas operatives.

Speaking to i24News, he said: "We see a pregnant lady on the floor, and we turn her around…and the stomach is wide open, there's an unborn baby connected to the cord, stabbed with a knife, and the mother shot in the head."

The first responder added he found families with their hands tied behind their backs and terrorists who were "sitting and eating while they were torching the kids". Israel has since condemned the actions and published images of the attack.

They wrote in their caption of the sickening events: "This is the most difficult image we’ve ever posted. We went back and forth about posting this, but we need each and every one of you to know. This happened."

Be'eri Kibbutz was one of the final towns to be relinquished of Hamas control, with the area declared not safe for outsiders to enter until today, October 12.

The horrifying discovery comes as the Daily Star reported pleas from British families of those currently missing or killed in Israel. A total of 17 Brits are currently missing following the grim attacks from Hamas.

Noam Sagi, a Brit citizen appealing for information on those missing, called the attacks a "second Holocaust" that has left his 75-year-old mother "sitting somewhere in Gaza". She had been "snatched" as she entered the safe room of her home and has not made contact with her son since.

Hamas is recognised as a terrorists organisation by the UK. Israel said that 1,300 people have been killed since the attacks begin on Saturday (October 7). Palestine's death toll has risen to more than 1,400 according to the country's health ministry.

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