Inside ‘Hell House’ tormented by demons, moving dolls and crying sounds

Nestled in a quaint town in New York lies one home that’s said to be so haunted that even an exorcism didn’t work.

Paranormal activity at the Hinsdale House is believed to date all the way back to the late 18th century. Legend has it that in 1799, a pair of brothers who lived in the property slaughtered Native Americans in their stagecoach, before burying them in the cellar.

Ever since themurder, hoards of apparitionists believe that ademonic presence manifests in the property – or so the story goes. Almost two centuries later, the Dandy family moved into its infamous white walls on McMahon Road in 1970. During their hellish four-year stay, they claimed to see ghostly figures, movement of objects, unexplainable scents and spooky sounds.

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The shell-shocked family contacted two psychics to come to visit the house, and both came up with a harrowing conclusion: seven murders had happened at Hinsdale. In a bid to rid the property of its purported demonic presence, the pair tried to cleanse the house and exercise its demons.

Legend has it that the house began “shaking”, and a “crying noise” filled the room. But their exorcism attempts proved futile, and some believe the spirits continue to plague the house.

Now, YouTuberJasko Draganovic went to spend a night in the Hell House for himself, to see if the rumours of its tortured past ring true today.

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“Usually when I go to a haunted location, there is one spot, maybe two, that are paranormal hotspots – the portals on the property where the activity seems to be through the roof,” he said. “This house, on the other hand, seems to have an unlimited amount of these locations. The basement, the living room, the upstairs area, the forest surrounding this place.”

The brave explorer entered Hinsdale House, heading straight to the room where the exorcism was performed. While speaking to his cameraman, he paused. There was a sound of tapping on the glass. Moments later, a rocking chair started to sway.

As he took an aside, Jasko noted that the house has allegedly burned down a number of times. He spotted a one-eyed doll that had been in three of those fires and lived to tell the tale.

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As light faded, Jasko switched on a torch in the room, leaving it sitting on a chair. Testing the spirits, he said: “If there’s a demon in this room, turn the flashlight off now.” The YouTuber freaked out as the light appeared to switch off on its own accord.

Delving deeper into the occult, he pulled a Ouija board in a desperate attempt to make contact with the ghosts and ghouls. Instead of voices, he said he felt their physical presence.

Jasko claimed: “It felt as though someone’s hand was around my arm, holding it tight, stopping the circulation of blood going into my hand. Making it go numb.”

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The paranormal investigator went into the basement, where a number of dead bodies are said to be buried. Jasko asked the "spirit" if it was capable of killing somebody, before the temperature allegedly plummeted. "It’s like ice cold around here right now,” he said.

And it's not just inside which is allegedly plagued by poltergeists. The outside is home to the hanging tree, where a pregnant woman was said to have been hung to death by the neck. Nearby, you'll also find a pond which has allegedly taken the life of at least one person.

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Jasko’s no stranger to the paranormal, but he was so shaken from his experience at the Hinsdale house that he left the property in the middle of the night to sleep in his car. "I woke up sweating, I woke up not feeling well. I fear that something followed me home. I feel drained, I just feel completely burnt out," he said.

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