Little Kim flexing puny muscles as leader spoils for US war – expert

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un is “spoiling” to go to war with the United States, a leading expert has claimed.

The comments come just hours after we revealed that had scrapped a military pact with his neighbours so that he can send more troops to the tense border. The inter-Korean military agreement was signed in 2018 in order to reduce tensions between North and South Korea. It saw the demilitarised zone between the two countries become disarmed, with military personnel withdrawn.

But just five years later, the North Korean leader has rolled back on the agreement and intends to flood the area with weapons and armed soldiers once again. Reacting to this, defense expert Professor Anthony Glees called it “very concerning”, and also hit out at Kim for seemingly wanting to pick a fight with the United States.

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Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: “Kim Jong-un is clearly ramping up the tension on the Korean peninsula after several years of relative calm. This is very concerning in terms of the stability of the region, of course, but also because little Kim is flexing his puny muscles and spoiling for a wider conflict with the US White House as it enters a critical election year.

“Behind Kim's move is the pact he made with Putin when they met in September.

"We should not doubt for one minute that the successful launch of this spy satellite (after two humiliating failures in May and August of this year) was not only facilitated by vital Russian technical assistance but that Putin has encouraged Kim to threaten the security of the region and trying to undermine the US dominant position in the Asia-Pacific

“We're told Kim has viewed the high resolution satellite images of the Andersen Air base and other US sites on vitally important US island of Guam in the Pacific, something designed to infuriate Biden and Blinken.

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“It shows that the little dictator with the help of his Russian pal wants to be seen as a big power in the Asia-Pacific – we're also told by Korean experts, Kim feels his new position of strength will allow North Korea to produce new nuclear weapons.

"Putin is losing the war in Ukraine and he wants the USA to divert resources from fighting him onto the Asia-Pacific. He won't succeed."

South Korean officials have not officially responded yet to the apparent-escalation in tensions – although some sources are claiming that it could be a “bluff” from Kim Jong-un – ,but it is the latest move to add to the world chaos of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and Israel's battle with Hamas terrorists, all of which involves the US in some form.

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