Massive rats everywhere as plague spreads across Australia with worst to come

Rats are being found "everywhere" as a plague of rodents has spread across Australia, and experts are warning the worst is yet to come.

A surge in the population of rodents across Queensland, Australia has been spotted by a group of worried locals who note the vermin are all over the place. One pack of rats even "destroyed a car", according to one horrified local.

Pets owned by those in the area appear somewhat disturbed by the large number of animals, while resident Derek Lord has warned the animals are feasting on what they can, and where they can.

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Experts are now suggesting the animals are heading southward in search of more food and though not all of the vermin survive their journey, it is more than enough to see a spike in rat and mice populations.

Mr Lord said: "Mate, there's rats everywhere. We have hire vehicles and they literally destroyed a car overnight, taking all of the wiring out of the engine bay." He further said his pet ducks are "going mad" with the rats breaking into their cages.

Heaps of dead rats are now being spotted in the area, with social media posts and clips showing massive groups of carcasses floating in water. Experts also believe that the worst is yet to come.

Rats are infesting neighbouring towns to Queensland including Karumba, with the paradise-like fishing and bird-watching spot now sieged by rats and flies attracted to their corpses.

For locals in Karumba, it echoes the worrying experiences of a plague in 2011, the BBC reported, where conditions of booming rodent numbers were seemingly at their worst.

Jemma Probert, a fishing charter owner in Karumba, said: "We've heard there are still more that are coming. It's not a good thing to leave Karumba remembering."

But a new report from Australia's national science agency has warned of a boom in rodent numbers since 2021, and it appears the population surge is well underway.

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