£10 an egg! Dawn Butler urges followers to watch clip of eggs sold by Thatcher statue

Margaret Thatcher statue egged by protester in Grantham

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A bronze statue of the former prime minister was erected over the weekend in her hometown of Grantham. Its creation was surrounded by much controversy, not least relating to its £300,000 price tag.

Labour Councillor Lee Steptoe said it was “absolutely inevitable” that it would attract protests in the form of egg-throwing.

The statue was even placed on a 10-foot-high plinth in order to make it more difficult for people to inflict damage.

The first egg was launched within the first two hours of the monument being unveiled.

Labour’s MP for Brent Central has now shared a clip of a journalist “starting a business selling individual egg for £10” next to the statue.

In the video, reporter Old Dugmore jokes he is living up to a Thatcherite vision of entrepreneurship.

After his “business” is shut down by a policeman, who brands the potential throwing of the products as “anti-social behaviour”, he added “the red tape, the bureaucracy [and] Brussels have got in the way of a successful day at the office”.

Ms Butler shared the video with her more than 240,000 followers on Twitter and told them to “start your morning with this”.

In the video, Mr Dugmore refers to Baroness Thatcher as “Satan reincarnate, according to some”.

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One Grantham resident also expresses their surprise that the statue has not yet been “burnt down” or “s**t on”.

Another insists “we should be very proud of Margaret Thatcher”, adding: “O think it’s terrible to vandalise the statue.”

Twitter users were quick to respond to Ms Butler’s sharing of the video, which has been viewed on the social media platform alone by close to 75,000 people.

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@ahyeahstark described her post as “lame”.

They wrote: “Labour should tell us why we should vote for them instead of constantly slagging off the opposition.”

Others insisted the video and Ms Butler’s sharing of it was just a bit of fun.

@KnotweedRail joked that the video was “encouraging entrepreneurs”.

@PaulMaddison121 also noted they “absolutely love this”.

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