‘Absolutely disgusted’ Pair spotted with Prosecco to celebrate Philip’s death shamed

Prince Philip: Expert slams 'disgusting' pair over celebration

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Mahyar Tousi, one of Britain’s leading pro-Brexit YouTubers has condemned two men who were pictured as they prepared to pop the cork on a bottle of Prosecco outside Buckingham Palace in the wake of Prince Philip’s passing. In a clip that sparked fury when shared online, one of the men can be heard saying they were there to “celebrate” the Duke of Edinburgh’s death. Speaking on Saturday, Tousi branded the pair “disgusting” over the stunt.

The activist told TalkRADIO hot Patrick Christys: “There were a few people, the usual suspects that you would expect to turn up with their bottles of champagne and trying to get attention.

“Of course a lot of people would say don’t give them airtime don’t talk about them.

“But on the other hand, in a weird way when I was there whilst it was disrespectful, as someone like Prince Philip who was born in Greece, I was born in Iran and kind of growing up here.

“The fact that people are free and able to do that, to be disrespectful without being punished by the state or by the police that gave me hope for the future.”

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Mr Tousi added: “I mean it was absolutely disgusting, it was unnecessary what these people were doing.

“Luckily they didn’t escalate they didn’t do anything too crazy.

“But I think they realized that while they are spoiled middle-class anti-monarchy who just want to cause trouble.

“They knew from the vibe that was not the right time, they knew that the crowd would be completely against them.”

Buckingham Palace: Men ‘pose’ with Prosecco

He continued: “So even they weren’t brave enough to go about shouting.

“But they were with their champagnes, talking selfies and cycling around.”

The blogger had confronted the two men along with GB News political correspondent Tom Harwood.

Tom Harwood later tweeted a video of the pair, adding: “Two prats nervously pose with Prosecco.”

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He added: “As these two started to open their Prosecco bottles – presumably intending to pop them over the crowd – I walked over.

“They decided to stop opening their bottles and moved on. Wise.”

In the footage captured by Mr Hardwood one of the men can be heard responding: “It is a celebration of death.”

However, following the exchange, the pair then leave the scene.

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