Alastair Campbell issues correction after being fact-checked by Fiona Bruce

Alastair Campbell calls out BBC live on air for Brexit ‘bias’

Alastair Campbell has been forced to issue a correction on his politics podcast after being fact-checked by Fiona Bruce.

The former spin doctor corrected himself on his podcast, The Rest is Politics.

In the previous episode, Mr Campbell claimed that Nigel Farage had appeared on BBC Question Time “more than any other human being”, claiming this showed how “populists have got a grip of the BBC”.

But he received an email from Ms Bruce, the host of BBC Question Time, informing him that his statement is “well worn but inaccurate and untrue”.

Explaining the situation to his listeners, Mr Campbell said: “As you know when we get things wrong, unlike our national newspapers, we correct ourselves.

“And I got a very nice email from none other than Fiona Bruce, Presenter of Question Time, who said this is a well worn, but inaccurate and untrue statement.

“And she sent me the list.”

Ms Bruce informed Mr Campbell that the most prolific member of the Question Time panel is not Nigel Farage but is in fact former Conservative MP Ken Clarke.

Mr Clarke has appeared on Question Time 59 times in total.

Meanwhile, Mr Farage has appeared 35 times.

While he does not take the crown for most all-time appearances, Mr Farage has had the most appearances on Question Time this century.

Earlier this month, the former UKIP politician threatened a political comeback, after admitting that Brexit has “failed”.

He told BBC Newsnight: “What I do think is that we haven’t actually benefited from Brexit, economically, what we could have done.

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“What Brexit has proved, I’m afraid, is that our politicians are about as useless as the commissioners in Brussels were.

“We have mismanaged this totally and if you look at simple things such as takeovers, such as corporation tax, we are driving business away from our country.

“Arguably, now we’re back in control we are regulating our own businesses even more than they were as EU members. Brexit has failed.”

But, asked whether “economically, the UK would have been better off staying in (the EU)”, the former MEP hit back: “I don’t think that for a moment.”

Asked whether his assessment of Brexit could mean “a comeback for you then”, he said: “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

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