Alastair Campbell sparks fury for defending ‘Remoaners’ Blair and Major ‘Don’t insult us!’

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Former political adviser Alastair Campbell has insisted former Prime Minister Tony Blair and Sir John Major are correct in their conclusions on Boris Johnson’s Brexit plan. Both former leaders have insisted making changes to the withdrawal agreement with the new Brexit Bill would cause significant damage to the UK’s reputation. However, after appearing on Channel 4 News to defend the pair, Mr Campbell faced a heated backlash.

Mr Campbell said: “This is the same withdrawal agreement that Boris Johnson presented to the public and the world as a fantastic triumph of his great negotiating skills.

“It was the same agreement that he told the public a the last election it was an oven-ready deal.

“Now Boris Johnson seems to be dragging us to no deal.

“Boris is doing it in a way that, as Tony Blair and Sir John Major have said, is doing massive and possibly irreparable damage to the reputation of the UK as a country that keeps its word.

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“I don’t think there can be any defence of it.”

Furious viewers took to Twitter to attack Mr Campbell, Tony Blair and John Major.

One social media user bluntly said: “No one has any interest in anything Tony Blair has to say.

“Please don’t insult us.”

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Another added: “Campbell is at it again.

“Any excuse to whinge at Brexit, it is happening, get used to it.”

Others took issue with Mr Campbell’s claim that Tony Blair and Sir John Major would not criticise their successors unless necessary.

A Twitter user wrote: “It is incredible how the EU has gotten so many Trojan horses working for them.

“Hopefully, like before, they won’t make much difference.”

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Another agreed and wrote: “We all know there is something wrong with Campbell, but really?

“Tony Blair and Major have both been out in the mainstream media since the Brexit vote.”

Another social media user wrote: “Tony Blair and Major criticise all the time but nobody cares.”

The new Bill will have a second reading in the House of Commons this week and both Remainers and Brexiteers have argued they cannot support it.

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