Alex Salmond: Where is Alex Salmond? Why is he not on Scotland’s TV debate tonight?

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Several Scottish political party leaders are taking part in a TV debate on Tuesday, March 30. Campaigning is underway for the upcoming Scottish Parliament election, which will take place on Thursday, May 6, 2021. The election campaign has been rocked in recent days by the announcement former Scottish First Minister, Alex Salmond, has launched a new political party.

Last Friday, Mr Salmond launched the Alba Party, a pro-Scottish independence party.

To date, three current or former MPs have left the SNP to join Mr Salmond’s new party, including George Kerevan, Neale Hanvey and Kenny MacAskill.

Along with the founder of the Common Weal Group (CWG) in the SNP, Craig Berry, and central Scotland coordinator, Lynne Anderson, Mr Kerevan announced on Tuesday they would be joining Alba.

In a statement, they said: “Regrettably, we have concluded that the SNP in its present state is unreformable.

“We, therefore, have decided to resign our membership of the party and seek to build a left-wing, progressive wing of the independence movement elsewhere.”

Mr Salmond said: “George, Craig and the other members of the Common Weal Group bring with them a wealth of positive, progressive ideas.

“This will be a huge boost to our policy development as a party as Alba moves forward, especially in the areas of economics and environmental policy.

“We are delighted to welcome them and together help us work towards securing a supermajority of pro-independence MSPs at Holyrood.”

Who is included in the TV debate?

Five leaders of Scottish political parties are taking part in a televised TV debate on Tuesday, including:

  • Nicola Sturgeon – Scottish National Party
  • Douglas Ross – Scottish Conservatives
  • Anas Sarwar – Scottish Labour
  • Lorna Slater – Scottish Greens
  • Willie Rennie – Scottish Liberal Democrats

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Why is Alex Salmond not taking part in the debate?

With the Alba Party launched this month, the party did not win any seats in the last Scottish Parliament election.

In its TV debate, the BBC has included leaders from parties who had MSPs elected in the last Scottish Parliament election.

In an article about the upcoming debate taking place on BBC One Scotland, the BBC explained: “The BBC considers a number of factors when deciding who takes part in its TV election debates.

“One of those factors is based on previous and current electoral support.

“For example, the parties featuring in Tuesday’s broadcast had MSPs elected to Holyrood in 2016.

“They also have elected representation in other chambers, such as local councils and at Westminster.”

The BBC added: “Although the leaders of smaller parties will not appear in this live television event there will be impartial and proportionate coverage of their campaigns in the coming weeks.”

Many have taken to Twitter to express their frustrations over the absence of some political figures in Tuesday’s TV debate.

One Twitter user said: “Alex Salmond and George Galloway not taking part? Not a real debate then.”

Another person tweeted: “Why are Alex Salmond and George Galloway not taking part in the Debate tonight?

“I’m losing or have already lost any faith in BBC Scotland representing ordinary people in Scotland.”

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