At it again! Now Corbyn and allies urge UK to leave Ukraine HELPLESS to Russian attack

Ukraine: Diane Abbott calls for de-escalation and dialogue

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The group has emailed its members calling on them to share a petition urging the action. Their demands equate to Britain abandoning an ally nation in the face of war.

Britain has sent lethal defensive weapons and non-lethal aid to Ukraine to help the country fight back against aggression from the Kremlin.

President Vladimir Putin has already recognise the breakaway “republics” of Donetsk and Luhansk in the east and sent in Russian troops.

The West fears it is a matter of just hours of days before Moscow launches a full invasion.

While ruling out putting British troops on the ground, Mr Johnson has vowed to send further military resources to help Kiev defend itself from attack.

Some army personnel have been sent to neighbouring countries to help with any humanitarian disaster that may follow an invasion.

The Stop the War Coalition has repeatedly blamed Nato for the build-up of tensions in the region, accusing the defence alliance of provoking President Putin by expanding membership into Eastern Europe.

But now the group has gone further, demanding the UK leave Ukraine exposed by no longer sending arms to Ukraine and remove troops in the area.

With Russia boasting a far larger army than Ukraine, the withdrawal of support would almost certainly lead to military defeat.

Stop the War also called for Russia to remove their troops.

“It is crucially important that the whole of the anti-war movement responds as loudly and effectively as possible to the critical situation in Ukraine,” the group said in an email to all members.

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“We call on Russian troops to be withdrawn, but we are also demanding our government stops sending troops and arms to the region, talking down diplomacy and whipping up tension.

“We are demanding an end to the Nato expansion that has done so much to stoke this crisis and a lowering of tension through nuclear arms reduction, other arms control measures, a return to the Minsk accords and a withdrawal of British troops and arms from the region.”

The extreme pacifist group has repeatedly lashed out at the West’s actions and is a long-term critic of the Nato alliance.

As well as Mr Corbyn, members of the group include Diane Abbott, Richard Burgon, and John McDonnell.

In the House of Commons earlier today, Prime Minister Boris Johnson urged Sir Keir Starmer to remove the Labour whip from MPs in the party who back the organisation.

He said: “Something that would be strong, Mr Speaker, would be to take the whip away from the 14 members of the Labour Party who say that the aggressor in Ukraine is Nato.

“That would be a strong thing to do.”

The Prime Minister added: “What is at stake, be in absolutely no doubt, is not just the democracy of Ukraine but the principle of democracy around the world,” he said.

“That is why the unity of this House is so important today, and it is absolutely vital that the United Kingdom stands together against aggression in Ukraine.”

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