At Republican convention, Eric Trump tells his father ‘keep fighting for what is right’

Eric Trump used most of his speech at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday to echo President Trump’s attacks on Joe Biden, Democrats and the news media, and closed by telling his father to “keep fighting for what is right.”

“Our movement followed the pattern of so many that came before us,” Eric Trump said in a pre-taped speech from inside the Andrew W. Mellon Auditorium, a historic federal building in Washington. “First, we were ignored. Then we were laughed at. Then they fought us. And then, together, we won.

He then launched into attack lines reminiscent of the president’s campaign speeches, falsely claiming Biden and the Democratic party “want to destroy the monuments of our forefathers,” “disrespect our flag,” and “burn the Stars and Stripes that represent patriotism and the American dream.”

Calling Biden a “career politician who has never signed the front of a check,” Eric Trump said the Democratic nominee “has pledged to defund the police and take away our cherished Second Amendment.” Biden has said he has no such intentions.

“The Democrats want to defund, destroy, and disrespect our law enforcement,” he said. “The Democrats want an America where your thoughts and opinions are censored when they do not align with their own.

“This is the fight that we are in right now. And it is a fight that only my father can win.”

Eric Trump spoke at the convention a day after his older brother, Donald Trump Jr., and the same day his sister, Tiffany Trump, delivered speeches from the same venue. 

“Our family lost friends but it only pushed us to fight harder,” he said.

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