‘Battle begins!’ New Labour plot to rejoin EU as campaign pledges to NEVER give up return

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On Monday pro-European Labour Party members launched Labour Rejoin, a grassroots campaign to rejoin the EU. The group has already received almost 2,500 followers on Twitter, as they pledge to reverse Brexit and reunite with the bloc.

When launching the campaign this week, the group posted on Twitter:

“This is the launch of a Labour movement grassroots campaign to Rejoin the EU.

“The fight to Remain is over; the fight to Rejoin has begun.

“Follow. Share. And let’s grow this campaign! #FBPE.”

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The group has already gained some traction on Twitter, having secured 2,428 followers.

Labour Rejoin claims it is “member-led”, with dozens of people pledging their support for the campaign.

Activists have responded to the group, with one person writing: “I’m more than happy to add myself to your campaign.

“Over the next couple of years, the public will see and feel the disaster that is undoubtedly coming our way.

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“EU companies are already quitting in dealing with us because of tax hikes.

“The battle for Britain to rejoin begins.”

Another user suggested the group needed to campaign for a second Brexit referendum.

They wrote: “I believed in respecting the 2016 referendum but 5yrs is up in June.

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“Nothing wrong with campaigning for a new vote in another few years.”

But other social media users were more sceptical of the campaign.

One person responded: “Hope you have plenty of patience cos it won’t happen for well over a decade.”

Labour Rejoin responded: “Plenty of patience to ensure the best for Britain’s future.”

The campaign group has been founded by Labour member Max Finch who is a youth officer for Bracknell Labour.

He wrote on Twitter: “We need to #RejoinEU because internationalism is the route to egalitarianism, and a fully interconnected world, where you can tackle wealth inequality and climate change in a joined-up way. #FBPE.”

The hashtag FBPE stands for “Follow Back Pro EU” and was launched in October 2017 in an attempt to build up a network of pro-EU users.

It has since been used for encouraging grassroots campaigning for pro-Europeans.

The Labour Party has been approached for a comment.

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