BBC Question Time guest defends Boris Johnson HS2 axe Waste of money in the first place?

HS2: Question Time guests question axing of Northern rail plans

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A BBC Question Time guest has questioned the logic of investing heaving in HS2 rail after the Prime Minister came under fire for backtracking on promised investment. Boris Johnson has announced that the eastern section of HS2 between Birmingham and Leeds is now not to go ahead. The BBC panel was in an uproar at the ditching of the transport pledge, though the outspoken audience member branded the whole project a “waste of money.”

The Question Time audience members said: “Don’t you think for the amount of time it is going to save on the travelling that it is a waste of money in the first place?”

“What? You wouldn’t want to be spending any of it?” asked host Fiona Bruce.

“No, what is it going to save?” replied the man.

“Ten minutes to Birmingham?”


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