Boris Johnson a significant drag on party as new polls draw dire picture for Tory leader

Tories have 'very little good news' coming says polling expert

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Polling expert Dr Tom Lubbock has warned there is “very little good news” for the Conservatives Party in the latest polling figures. He added that Boris Johnson is becoming “a significant drag on his own party” amid the ‘partygate’ scandal and fallout from the Sue Grey report. 

Dr Lubbock told LBC: “Well, if we were sitting down this morning with the chairman of the Conservative Party looking at the fortunes of that great old party, I would say I’ve got bad news for you.

“And I’d leave it at that because there is very little good news.

“The party itself is polling about 34, 35 percent.

“But Boris Johnson is significantly underperforming his party now and this has been a really slow burn.”

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He continued: “Do you remember that first video that was released of Allegra Stratton…since that was released there’s been a really slow decline in Boris Johnson’s personal approval ratings.

“The brand attributes which really ask people about and really they have now reached very, very low levels,” added the pollster.

“He’s a significant drag on his own party.”

On Tuesday a conservative voter from Reading has told GB News she will never vote for Boris Johnson again following the ‘partygate’ scandal. 

Boris Johnson 'has to go' says LBC caller

Lisa Fullbrook told GB News: “I did vote for him. I thought he was an intelligent person. You know, higher intelligence than someone like myself.

“What I’ve come to learn is he might have a high IQ, he has a very low EQ, which is emotional intelligence in my opinion.

“I wouldn’t vote for him again ever.”

She added: “[Theresa May] has got honesty and integrity, but she doesn’t have the leadership skills either.

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She added: “I can’t believe [Boris Johnson’s] not just being straight and honest.

“I got to the stage now where I don’t care about the reports. I don’t care about the investigation is a complete waste of time, money results.

“In my role, we have to look at value for money all the time, and he’s just wasting taxpayers’ money.

“I’m sure the police got better things to do. If he knows he’s had a party, which I’m sure he does, why doesn’t he just admit it? Take the punishment and move on.”

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