Boris Johnson warned Scotland heading for Spain-like rebellion if no referendum granted

Scotland: Johnson warned of ‘Spanish-style rebellion’ by expert

Political commentator Fraser Nelson has spelt out how Boris Johnson’s Government could face a rebellion in Scotland if no second independence vote is granted. He stated that a second independence poll should be called if the Holyrood elections in May return a large SNP majority, as he warned failure to do so would allow Nicola Sturgeon to accuse the Conservatives of “running scared.” He also advised against the pitfalls of a Spanish-style situation as when Madrid sparked a mass revolt in the region of Catalonia after refusing to recognise a referendum on independence in the region.

Mr Nelson told BBC Politics Live: “If the SNP win a majority, as I expect them to, and that manifesto of theirs asked for a second independence referendum they should get one. 

“Boris Johnson is saying now as he is quite rightly worried he may struggle to win that referendum.

“But I am not sure how long we can go into this Spanish situation where the Spanish government said to the Catalonians no you can’t have a referendum

“It doesn’t really make the problem go away.”

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He continued: “It will let Nicola Sturgeon say the Tories are running scared and you can see some real problems for the union right now.

“That is why you are seeing Michael Gove and Gordon Brown get-together

“Because any unionist, and I am very much a unionist would want a strong Labour party that is partly why the SNP is so strong in Scotland.

“Without Scottish Labour, things look very bleak for the Union,” added Mr Fraser.

Scotland ‘requires independence’ says SNP’s Michael Russell

Ms Sturgeon has continued to call for a second vote on independence following increased support during the coronavirus pandemic.

A second vote would be enacted if the SNP won a majority in May’s Holyrood election, according to Scotland’s Constitution Secretary Michael Russell.

It comes as the latest polls show the SNP is on course for a Holyrood majority at the next election.

A Savanta ComRes poll undertaken last week reveals the First Minister has impressed “significant chunks” of voters who backed the Scottish Conservatives or Scottish Labour at the last general election.

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The survey of 1,016 people aged over 16 between January 8 and 13 found more than a third (37 percent) of Labour’s 2019 voters are more likely to back the SNP at the next election than they were, along with 13 percent of Scottish Conservative supporters.

Some 19 opinion polls undertaken last year also put support for Scottish independence at an average of 55 percent, with the highest at 58 percent.

Boris Johnson, however, has made clear a second independence referendum would not happen until at least 2055 stressing a vote must be a “once in a generation”.

A No. 10 source said on Saturday morning: “We have made clear about the prospect of a second independence referendum.”

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