Boris ‘should allow’ Scottish independence referendum ‘to put the issue to bed forever’

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The SNP want to hold a second referendum on Scottish independence if they win a majority in the Holyrood elections next week. The Scottish Greens and the new Alba party have also said they want to have another vote on independence.

Political commentator Alan Cochrane explained how some are calling on the Prime Minister to allow the referendum to go ahead in order to resolve the issue forever.

In a video, Mr Cochrane told the Telegraph: “There is an argument amongst some people, not the majority, that Boris should allow a referendum.

“And that the unionists should throw everything at the nationalists and win that referendum and that would put the issue to bed forever.

“Because if Nicola Sturgeon loses one more referendum the issue is dead forever.”

The Scottish Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat parties are all opposed to First Minister Nicola Sturgeon’s plans for a second independence referendum.

Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross said the SNP’s plans for a “post-referendum border” with England would be a “hammer-blow” to Scottish businesses.

He added: “By Nicola Sturgeon’s own admission, the SNP are clueless about the economic impact of independence.

“They’ve done no analysis on how many jobs it would put at risk or how much damage would be done to Scotland’s economy.”

Speaking to the BBC’s Andrew Marr, Ms Sturgeon claimed the SNP would work “to make sure that for our businesses, there is no difficulties in terms of their day to day experiences in trading.”

The First Minister was pressed by Mr Marr on whether she had modelled the impact of Scottish independence on people’s incomes.

She responded: “If I was do to all of that modelling now we’d have to redo it when we were asking people to make that choice.

“I believe it’s right to only ask people to make a choice of that magnitude on the basis of quality up to date information.”

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Reacting to Ms Sturgeon’s comments, Mr Ross said the First Minister “floundered” and “didn’t have a single convincing answer to dispel the overwhelming evidence that separating Scotland from the rest of the UK would be devastating for jobs and businesses.”

Mr Cochrane explained that the Prime Minister has no formal obligation to grant the SNP another referendum if they win a majority at the election on May 6.

He added: “The nationalists in fact wrote Nicola Sturgeon to say the 2014 referendum was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and they lost that.

“So Boris’ view is that we’ve had the vote, we’ve had the decision we’re not having another referendum.”

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