Boris urged DON’T call Sturgeon’s bluff on independence – poll warns PM to reject new vote

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Despite the Scottish public voting to remain part of the UK back in 2014, the SNP have vowed to hold a second referendum. Over recent months, support for independence has increased following Boris Johnson’s handling of Brexit and COVID-19.

An poll – which ran from 2.30pm to 9pm today – asked whether Mr Johnson should call Nicola Sturgeon’s bluff.

Out of 1,652 votes, 53 percent (858) urged the Prime Minister not to call for an independence poll next year.

A total of 46 percent (779) of people said he should back a new vote, while less than one percent (15) said they didn’t know.

One reader said: “For God’s sake, give them their referendum and let’s hope they vote for independent and get that wall built and no immigration either.”

Another person echoed: “If the Scottish people want to leave they should do so.

“They already had one referendum but I am so tired of hearing the whinging that we should put it to bed once and for all.

“If they want to leave then that would be for the best.

“If they are not with us, then I say go!”

Others said the vote should be put to the entire UK not just the Scottish public.

A third reader said: “Any referendum of such vital importance to the UK as a whole must be put to the UK as a whole.

“The future of the UK can never rest in the hands of a tiny minority north of the border.

“The English must be given a vote on this issue and everyone should write to their MP to make this important point lest it be somehow overlooked.”

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Another person said: “Yes let them have their vote.

“If they vote out they will soon realise that they made a mistake as soon as the EU turns their back on them.

“They will get their independence but won’t be the one they’ve been sold even if they do get to join the EU.”

Someone else said: “Don’t you dare Boris!

“You are playing with British people’s lives, because that is what we are, British citizens.

“People in Scotland are part of Britain so British citizens.

“You are our PM and should protect us from this evil idiot Sturgeon.”

Mr Johnson, who headlined the Scottish Tories conference last weekend, slated the SNP, claiming Scotland was better together as part of the UK.

Mr Johnson added his “round, unvarnished view” was that “the way the SNP have handled devolution in Scotland has been a disaster”.

Under the SNP, he said, Scotland had seen “plummeting education standards, low business confidence and the lowest satisfaction in public services ever”.

Mr Johnson said: “Let’s never forget what we have achieved as a country through co-operation.”

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