Brexit fury: Fishermen told they are ‘reaping what was sowed’ as red tape halts exports

Brexit: Fisheries boss discusses the ‘implications’ of leaving EU

Alasdair Hughson told Euronews that small-scale fishermen did not back Brexit due to realising the severity of the current implications. The fishermen added that the UK Government has to provide a system that works for fishermen that rely on exporting to the European Union.

The EuroNews host said: “What do you want from the Government?

“You have taken your protest to London but as so many fishermen did support Brexit, aren’t you reaping what you sowed to a certain extent?”

Mr Hughson replied: “The fishing industry is multi-faceted, not all fishermen, certainly small-scale fishermen, voted for Brexit.

“Many realised the implications of doing so which we are now trying to deal with.

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“What do we want from the Government? We want a system that works.

“Many people are now calling for compensation.

“This was not a future last week but the longer this goes on businesses are losing more money and getting into a worse position as the days go by.”

On Monday, Scottish fishing businesses launched a protest against the post-Brexit paperwork that is torpedoing their exports to the European Union as more than a dozen lorries have blocked Westminster.

Brexit: Lorries arrive in Westminster for fisheries protest

Some of the lorries outside of Parliament had anti-Brexit slogans in bold writing on the side of them such as ‘Brexit Carnage!’.

Scottish fishing businesses have seen a sharp decrease in exports to the European Union since the Brexit transition period ended on January 1, 2021. 

Other exporters have also demanded swift changes to the current agreement because of the additional red tape they have been facing.


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This issue was addressed by the UK’s Prime Minister as he stressed that the coronavirus pandemic was exacerbating the situation.

Boris Johnson admitted to “understanding the frustrations” business owners are experiencing as he promised compensation will be forthcoming.

Mr Johnson said: “I sympathise very much and understand their frustrations and things have been exacerbated by COVID and the demand hasn’t been what it was before the pandemic and that’s one of the problems we’re trying to deal with. That’s driven in large part by the pandemic.

“Where businesses, through no fault of their own, have faced difficulties exporting where there is a genuine willing buyer, there’s a £23m fund to help out.”

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