Brexit hailed as ‘enormous success’ three years on – YOUR VERDICT

Jacob Rees-Mogg says Brexit is ‘going well’

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The UK marked three years since leaving the European Union and officially severing ties with the bloc on Tuesday, January 31. readers shared their thoughts on Brexit, with a new poll showing that over three-quarters still support the UK’s decision.

The UK voted to leave the EU six and a half years ago 52 to 48 per cent yet the UK’s decision continues to divide the nation. Several challenges still need to be overcome including the Northern Ireland Protocol and a US trade deal.

Tory MP and Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash said: “People think things haven’t happened, but they certainly have constitutionally and legislatively.”

He added: “These massive changes do take time – and that’s without Covid, the war in Ukraine and an energy and cost of living crisis to contend with.”

However, Guy Hands, leading investor and founder and chairman of Terra Firma Capital Partners, claimed Brexit has been a “complete disaster” and a “bunch of total lies” that has harmed large parts of the economy. He continued: “The reality is it’s been a lose-lose situation for us and Europe.”

In a poll that ran from 6am on Tuesday, January 31, to 1pm on Wednesday, February 1, asked readers: “Do you still support Brexit?”

Overall, 9,664 votes were cast, with the vast majority of readers, 78 per cent (7,516 people), answering “yes” they still supported the UK’s decision to leave the EU.

Whereas 22 per cent (2,096 people) said “no” they did not, and a further 52 people said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article as readers shared their thoughts on Brexit.

Many readers commented in full support of Brexit, with username regretsateer declaring that it has been “an enormous success”.

Similarly, username Dogglebird said: “Of course we still support Brexit. It was a wise decision by the electorate.”

Username MrsMitchell wrote: “Yes, still absolutely support Brexit. Would absolutely vote leave again.”

And username DoggyPaws said: “Until the day I die! You can’t put a price on freedom!”


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Another, username justmy2cents commented: “Brexit is the right decision. Brexit is the way forward; and when we have removed the fingerprints from our legislation we are in a far better situation to ripe the benefits of Brexit.”

While username Stoneheap. said: “Brexit is brilliant. We could not have supported Ukraine as quickly and as effectively as we have if we had not left the EU.”

Other readers recognised the challenges in delivering Brexit but agreed it was the right decision. Username thetaxilady said: “Absolutely. Might take some years to sort the mess out but we will.”

Likewise, username k69atie wrote: “100 per cent. Just because it has problems makes no difference, it was the right decision. Like fighting the war, it was miserable for a time but definitely worth the pain.”

However, some readers thought that the UK should have remained in the EU. Username Blendedblue said: “The majority of people with common sense know it’s been a disaster.”

While, username psterling said: “I am not really bothered if we stick with Brexit or at some point apply to rejoin the EU along with adopting the Euro.”

Research by Matthew Goodwin, professor of politics at the University of Kent, shows that “Bregret is taking hold in Britain”.

On a wider stage, just one in five Britons thinks that Brexit is going well and seven in ten claims it has gone as badly, or worse than they feared.

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