Brexit LIVE: Panicked Ireland to CUT own fishing fleet as Brexit and EU punishment hits

Brexit: UK relying on EU for fisheries data says Mummery

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Due to the Brexit deal agreed between the UK and EU, the Irish government will create a taskforce to deal with its reduced quota share. Such is Ireland’s reliance on the UK’s waters, it is estimated fishermen will lose £37million per year by 2026. Not only will the industry lose a large portion of trade but it is also expected to slash fleet numbers to cope with the loss in quotas. 

In a further blow to Irish fishermen, an investigation by the EU Commission found some in the fleet had violated rules within the Common Fisheries Policy, according to the Irish Times. 

Due to these violations, some quota shares of fish will now be cut to comply with regulations. 

Ireland’s Marine Minister Charlie McConalgoue, has drawn up Seafood Sector Taskforce to assess the industry’s future.

Ahead of the group’s final report in four months, it is expected to recommend a decommissioning scheme aimed at rebalancing the fleet, Afloat reports. 

Mr McConalgoue said last month: “The agreed EU/UK outcome will still have a significant impact for our fishing fleet and the coastal communities built around it.”

In the Trade and Cooperation Agreement, the EU agreed to hand back 25 percent of its quota by 2026. 

This transfer will take place over a five-year period and following that, annual negotiations which then be held between the two sides. 

Although unlikely, the UK will have the power to reject access to waters for all EU fleets. 

However, the EU could take out retaliatory measures in response. 


7.51am update: Labour should push more alignment with the EU

New Scottish Labour leader Anas Sarwar, has claimed the UK should have greater alignment with the EU. 

If asked, Mr Sarwar claimed he would urge Sir Keir Starmer to agree to much closer links with the EU in the next general election. 

He told The Guardian: “I support the EU; I want us to have as close a relationship with the European Union as possible.

“I have been advocating for us to have greater alignment around the single market and customs union ever since the UK voted to leave the union.”

7.24am update: Ireland to slash fishing fleet 

Due to Brexit, Ireland has been forced to cut its fleet as a result of the reduced quotas shares fishermen will receive. 

A task force will now be established to rebalance the fleet and assess the reduced quota shares, Afloat reports. 

Not only will the fleet be slashed but the EU has warned Irish fishermen of quota penalty. 

This came after an investigation found fishermen had tampered with the weights of their catches. 

A payback procedure will now take place due to violating elements of the Common Fisheries Policy. 

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