Brexit POLL: Should a second referendum be made illegal?

German diplomat says 'All options on table' if Brexit deal ignored

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Nicola Sturgeon’s renewed drive for a new vote on Scotland’s place in the UK appears to have prompted an increase in the number of calls for the overhauling of Brexit. The Scottish First Minister said if in 2014 Scots had known their country, along with the rest of the union, was about to leave the EU, they would “undoubtedly” have voted to exit the UK.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has more recently described Brexit as the “biggest piece of self-inflicted harm ever done to a country”. is asking readers whether you think Britons should be prevented from voting on their country’s membership of the Brussels bloc again.

Vote in our poll below and let us know more about your opinion in the comments section at the end of the article.

Our poll comes after Mr Khan said he was all for the UK rejoining the EU Single Market.

Questioned on the move, he said: “I don’t speak for the national Labour Party. But I believe we should…spot on.”

Labour’s latest public position on Brexit boils down to three words: “Make Brexit work.”

Sir Keir Starmer insists that the country should move on from the question of the UK’s membership of the bloc.

This, he said, includes the notion the UK should not rejoin the Single Market or the Customs Union.

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Others, particularly users of social media sites, have, however, stressed it is time the nation thinks of what was described as its “once in a lifetime” decision.

The official European Movement UK Twitter page claimed “it’s hard to argue” with Mr Khan’s view that Brexit was a disaster.

This is a group which is “fighting to reverse the calamity of Brexit”.

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Simon Gosden agreed that “he’s right as usual”.

Commentator Dominique Samuels told GB News, however, “the mandate for leaving the EU has been and gone.

“The debate is over.”

While many Brexiteers claim the public has made up its mind and would like only to move on from the debate, some claim members of the establishment itself hold on to a rather different view.

Writer Richard Wellings argued in a post on Twitter: “The Establishment is dominated by globalist Remainers who want the UK to rejoin the EU.

“To achieve this they’re prepared to sabotage the economy by undermining efforts to free the UK from hugely expensive EU regulations.”

Have your say in the poll above on whether a second Brexit referendum should be made illegal.

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