Britons celebrate Tories by-election win claiming Labour insignificant

Conservatives 'must address series of crises' says Harrop

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Following the death of MP James Brokenshire in October, residents in the southeast London constituency took to the polls on Thursday night. Following the votes, Tory councillor Louie French gained 11,189 votes over Labour councillor Daniel Francis who secured 6,711 votes.

The by-election turnout was significantly lower than the general election two years ago, with just 34 percent (21,788 people) cast their vote.

This was down from the 46,145 votes cast in 2019 – a turnout of almost 70 percent.

Now, Britons have celebrated the Tory win and branded Labour now “electorally insignificant”.

One reader, known as Camera12, commented: “I’m beginning to wonder if Labour are just a decoy party, trying to make themselves unvoteable so that votes go to the Conservatives.”

Another person, known as MI7, added: “Conservative Party win.

“Well done, congratulations!”

A third reader commented: “Tories walk it again.

“Never in doubt.

“Socialists and remainers have gone to bed to cry themselves to sleep. Enjoy!”

MountErebus said: “Great result for Boris…

“He will win the next by-election too.

“Boris has made both Labour and Reform electorally insignificant.”

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However, others took to social media to express anger at the low voting turnout.

One person, Mikel, tweeted: “An awful lot of Tory supporters seem to have abstained in Old Bexley & Sidcup yesterday.

“Wish a few more had registered a protest vote though.”

Clive Hallam, another Twitter user, added: “A 10 percent swing to Labour is a great result.

“For all the people that voted Conservative yesterday in Old Bexley and Sidcup, I have one question: Considering everything that’s happened, why?”

A third Twitter user, CJ, wrote: “I really don’t understand if the Tories win in Old Bexley and Sidcup!

“Have the residents there missed all the sleaze, Boris covid response, Brexit and so on?”

Jenny Stiles tweeted: “I’m sure someone has already pointed out the irony of Old Bexley and Sidcup, a Brexity Conservative safe seat electing someone called Louie French!!!!!!!”

Whereas Twitter user, Italiano, simply wrote: “I see Old Bexley and Sidcup hasn’t learnt a thing…”

Mr French was the deputy leader of Bexley Council from 2018 to 2021.

Following his win, he praised his predecessor and said Mr Brokenshire had “made an enormous impact on everyone who lives here”.

He told Sky News: “I’m absolutely delighted to become the first home-grown MP for our local area.

“It’s a great privilege, I’m deeply honoured to be wearing the ribbon.”

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