Brits warned to brace for ‘blackouts’ as Russia squeezes energy supply

Energy bills: 'Possibility' of 'blackouts this winter' says Halligan

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As energy costs are set to rocket with the October price cap rise, the UK has been warned the nation could be plunged into a series of “blackouts” through the winter months. Energy supplies across Europe have come under increasing strain as Russia, a major global supplier of gas, has largely restricted energy provision to nations allied with Ukraine. As Putin’s brutal invasion of Ukraine continues to unfold, this is one factor placing Britons at risk of sudden power outages with the Tory Government reportedly rushing to develop contingency plans for the national energy supply.

Economist Liam Halligan gave his analysis of the perilous energy situation as the UK.

In discussion over the cost of energy, Mr Halligan told GB News: “It’s going to go up a lot because it’s linked to wholesale energy prices, particularly wholesale gas prices which have gone into orbit, not least because of the war in Ukraine.

“The price cap could easily be near to £3,000, a 50 percent increase, and there’s talk it could go a lot higher in January and then again in April 2023.”

The annual fuel bill for domestic consumers in the UK is predicted to hit an eye-watering total of £3,582 by the autumn.

Mr Halligan added: “I do think there is a possibility of blackouts this winter.

“Certainly, the Government is planning for scenarios along those lines – contingency plans are being put in place.”

As the UK is placed at risk of widespread power cuts, Mr Halligan reassured Britons the Government was pouring effort into stabilising and securing energy supply for the colder months.

He said: “I do think we will see a major package sharpish, literally within a week or two.”

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The strain felt across Europe ism viewed as a ploy by the Kremlin to create huge economic issues for supporters of Ukraine.

Analysts believe Putin had hoped to force Ukraine’s allies to ditch huge promises of humanitarian and military aid to Kyiv by plunging European energy supplies to a critical level.

Mr Halligan noted the plot of the Russian leader: “As Vladimir Putin has made clear, he is going to turn the gas off to put the frighteners on western Europe as he tries to gain leverage in this East-West economic war.”

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Number 10 has bashed concerns of blackouts over the winter monthsm, as a Downing Street spokeswoman said: “Households, businesses and industry can be confident they will get the electricity and gas that they need over the winter.

“That is because we have one of the most reliable and diverse energy systems in the world.”

Government data has revealed that Russian gas imports made up just four percent of the gas used in the UK over 2021 and official plans have reportedly already been set in motion to move further away from the dependence on Russian energy amid Moscow’s brutal actions in Ukraine.

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