Children’s stars Dick and Dom slam Sadiq Khan’s ULEZ expansion

Sadiq Khan claims some opposing ULEZ are ‘far right’

BBC children’s presenters Dick and Dom have become the latest figures to publicly criticise Sadiq Khan’s expansion of London’s Ultra Low Emissions Zone (ULEZ), which is claimed to be an attempt to improve air quality in outer London with expensive daily charges for anyone whose car does not meet emissions standards.

The London Mayor has come under siege for the decision, which is seen to penalise workers who need their cars and those without enough money to buy new, ULEZ-compliant vehicles.

Celebrity TV presenters Dick and Dom joined those angry about the ULEZ expansion’s impact on ordinary Londoners today.

The pair took to their joint Twitter account to ask: “What is an old lady on state pension with a non compliant car supposed to do?”

“Or trade with a work van who can afford to change, or a single mum who can’t make ends meet due to energy and food increase?!?”

“How can they just ‘buy a new car’?”

TfL was quick to respond to their questions, claiming “Nine out of 10 cars seen driving in outer London are already ULEZ compliant – but for Londoners on low incomes, disabled Londoners and small businesses we have a £110m scrappage scheme that gives out grants up to £7.5k to buy a greener vehicle”.

Dick and Dom’s post received immediate support from other irate Londoners, however, including the City Hall Conservative group.

The Tory Twitter account endorsed the comments, adding: “Despite what Sadiq Khan might suggest, people are seriously worried about the ULEZ expansion and the impact it will have on them and their families.”

Mayor Sadiq Khan has previously suggested that opposition to the ULEZ expansion is an “orchestrated campaign”.

Speaking at a climate charity event in March, he said the ULEZ has been ‘transformational”, but which has been subject to “a sustained campaign of opposition”.

“This [opposition] includes a relatively small but well-organised group of climate deniers and vested interests, who are playing on the genuine concerns of Londoners because they sense an opportunity to put a dent in the drive towards greater climate action.”

Surprisingly Dick and Dom’s venture into the urban climate debate isn’t their first foray into British politics.

The pair, famous for encouraging unruly behaviour among their child viewership in the early noughties, called for a General Election last October following the resignation of Home Secretary Suella Braverman.

They demanded: “#GeneralElectionNow you twisted f***s”.

Back in 2005, it was politicians commenting on the TV duo, with then-assistant Chief Whip of the Conservative party Peter Luff criticising their “lavatorial” content in Parliament.

Mr Luff questioned how their programming was “really the stuff of public service broadcasting”, while listing some of the regular features of Dick and Dom’s ‘In Da Bungalow’ programme.

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“You can join me in playing How Low Can You Bungalow?, a test to see your response to grossly embarrassing personal situations, largely of a lavatorial nature.

“Pants Dancers in the Hall of Fame, photos of children with underwear on their heads; Make Dick Sick, a game which I think speaks for itself; and finally Bunged Up, in which you play a character in a sewerage system avoiding turtle poos coming from various lavatories.

“Is that really the stuff of public service broadcasting?”

Dick and Dom recently revived their Da Bungalow show after a 17-year break, touring the UK for their now-grown-up audience and bringing back favourite moments for the beloved show.

The Daily Express contacted a representative of Dominic Wood for further comment.

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