Dont listen to the woke Taliban! Farage warns Dominic Raab of terror threat

Nigel Farage, 57, appeared on Dan Wootton’s GB News programme to discuss the support offered by the British Government to those fleeing Afghanistan. The ex-UKIP leader went on to warn people of the dangers in the Middle Eastern nation.

“Don’t listen to the press conference given by the Taliban that they’re going to be reasonable and moderate,” he said.

“The new woke Taliban as they sell themselves.

“They’re going to be barbaric, utterly barbaric, and that will affect women of course in a huge way.”

He added how James Glancy, a former Royal Marine and ex-Brexit Party MEP, has recently been informed that all of his Afghan colleagues have been executed outside of their homes in Kandahar.

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Mr Brexit issued his warning about the Taliban’s supposed rebrand after the Foreign Secretary said he wanted to offer Afghans a bespoke refugee scheme.

Farage suggested this was another example of the Tories adopting a shoddy stance on immigration.

He said: “Well, Dominic Raab – you know – is a classic of the British Conservative Party.”

He went on to claim the Government’s policy indicated they “don’t really mind” if refugees who fought for “ISIS” are accepted into the UK.

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“Even if the percent is one or two percent, if you import terrorism through this route you’ve got a very major national security problem,” the former MEP said.

Farage then looked back at his 20-year stint in the EU Parliament and warned many EU-member states will not put up with it after the Mediterranean migrant crisis of 2015.

But the Brexit-backing politician-turned-GB-News-host was not totally opposed to allowing Afghan refugees into the UK.

When Kiwi-born Dan Wootton asked Mr Farage if he would welcome Afghan interpreters, the 57-year-old replied: “Of course, Dan!

“Look, here’s the point, this reinforces my previous comments.

“We crack down on those that helped us at the previous war.

“Whilst at the same time allowing people to come illegally in lorries or on dinghies across the English Channel.”

He added: “I find the way the British Government has treated some of these translators has been absolutely disgraceful.”

Farage suggested the UK Government should sort out illegal immigration and then turn their attention to assisting “genuine” refugees.

He said: “Alright, Mr Raab, that’s fine, you want us to be a country that honours our commitment that we’ve done to the Huguenots, the Kenyan Asians, Jewish people, fine.

“First, control our borders, stop illegal immigration and then, you know what, you’ll find a British public in favour of hoping those in genuine trouble.”

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