Dont present it as success! Ferrari slams attempt to defend Tory poll performance

Ferrari slams attempt to defend Tory election performance

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Conservatives lost ground in councils such as Westminster and West Oxfordshire where they had held control for years. Speaking with Conservative MP Robert Jenrick about the local election results, LBC presenter Nick Ferrari criticised Mr Jenrick’s attempt to defend his party’s poor results and asked the MP not to present the results as a success for Tories. Referring to Labour’s gain of Westminster City Council, Mr Ferrari joked that Boris Johnson has now lost “the bottom on which he lives” to highlight Tory’s poor performance.

Speaking about Westminster City Council, Mr Ferrari said: “Now as [the Prime Minister] sets foot out of his office at No.10, he moves into Labour territory.

“Westminster has been conservative since 1964.”

Mr Jenrick commented: “Well, you have to look at the broader political picture.

“And I don’t see any particular progress for the Labour Party in these results.

“If you look in the Midlands and the North, where the vast majority of the marginal parliamentary constituencies are, the Labour Party were actually going backwards.

“And the Conservative party were doing reasonably well.”

Mr Ferrari pointed out: “Please don’t try present this as a success for the Conservative Party.

“You’re not seriously asking my listeners to believe that, are you?”

Mr Jenrick reacted: “Well, I think a political commentator like you would want to present this as a mixed set of results.

“It’s very disappointing for us in London.

“I don’t think the same is true in the Midlands or the North.

“Where there is quite a mixed picture.

“And there is no sense that the Labour Party are making the kind of progress that you would expect if they were hoping to win the next general election.”

Mr Ferrari objected: “You have lost West Oxford.


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“The party lost it after 22 years.

“This was David Cameron’s knocking ground!

“So you’ve got one Prime Minister who doesn’t even have the bottom on which he lives.

“And you’ve got the former Prime Minister’s now and that has gone to the Labour as well!”

He concluded: “The game is up, isn’t it?”

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