Elon Musk in incredible broadside at Biden – Put an age cap on who can run

Trump says Biden has done a 'terrible job' with vaccines

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The billionaire took to Twitter to call for a cap to be placed on anyone choosing to run for President in the States. This cap would mean anyone over 70 would not be able to go for the job.

He tweeted: “Let’s set an age limit after which you can’t run for political office, perhaps a number just below 70…”

But Twitter users were quick to respond to the suggestion by the 50-year-old.

Michael Malice wrote: “There is no way to engineer the political system to attract quality people and turn away the undesirable.”

JerryRigEverything wrote: “If we have a minimum age limit, then we should most definitely have a maximum age limit.”

Naim Halawi tweeted: “Hello again Mr Musk, how are you today?

“Here in Lebanon, they must be over 80 to start.”

Wolfgang Grundinger wrote: “Perhaps it would be much better to remove the minimum voting age and finally make the voice of young people heard?”

@Roykyle wrote: “I think term limit is the more important thing than setting age limit as there’s no age of doing anything.

“So try to set term limits rather than the idea of setting age limit.”

Joe Biden was heavily criticised by former President Donald Trump in a recent interview with Fox News for his vaccine rollout programme.

Mr Trump said: “Well, [Biden] has done a terrible job just like he did with the H1N1.

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“He has done just an absolutely terrible job getting it out and getting people to take it.

“I mean people just don’t want to take it and the vaccines have been, I have to be very proud of the vaccines.

“We did it in less than nine months.

“People said it was going to take five years to 12 years and probably wouldn’t work.”

He continued: “They work incredibly well.

“Some people don’t want to take them and that’s their freedom and that’s what we have to do.

“But people don’t want to take them because they don’t trust Biden, and they don’t trust the administration.”

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