Farage reveals solution to keeping MPs safe from public after Gove attack ‘Only too happy

Nigel Farage reacts to Michael Gove 'swarming' incident

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GB News’ Nigel Farage was shocked after watching footage of Levelling Up Secretary Michael Gove being harassed in the street by protesters and urged the Government to install better security for politicians. He explained to viewers he was forced to hire private security during his political career and felt much better knowing there were people on hand to help out. But Mr Farage went one step further and offered a security solution to the UK Government which involved retraining army veterans to go into the security services for MPs.

Anti-lockdown protesters targeted Mr Gove as he was walking through Westminster on his own and yelled obscenities at him.

The angry protesters swore at the minister and demanded answers for why the country was put into lockdown with police quickly attending the scene to defend Mr Gove.

The issue of MPs’ safety has come to the forefront of conversation following the death of Sir David Amess.

Mr Farage offered his solution and said veterans would be “only too happy” to help with the security of MPs if they were given the right amount of training.

He explained police would be too busy to do it themselves and explained: “There are huge numbers of people out there who served in the armed forces in Afghanistan and in Iraq, who would be only too happy to be trained to go out, look after MPs and safeguard our democratic process.

“I made that point very strongly yesterday and interestingly, I’ve had a lot of support for that coming through today.”

Top security specialist Will Geddes joined Mr Farage on his show to give his assessment of the attack on Mr Gove.

He explained it was “quite baffling” why Mr Gove was walking unaccompanied through Westminster following recent events and explained the “barometer” is hostile towards MPs at the moment.

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Mr Geddes said Mr Gove was “easy pickings” before being asked his verdict on Mr Farage’s solution.

He replied: “The question is yes there are plenty of guys out there who could be trained, but they would have to go through that licencing process which has background checks which ensure people don’t come to it with criminal records.

“So that the people that they’re looking after can be looked after appropriately.

“The question really Nigel is down to budget, is whether the Government wants to assign that budget.”

Mr Geddes added many protection teams working for the Government were understaffed with many retired members being asked to return to fill in the numbers.

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The security expert explained it fell down to the Government to invest in security and that potential attackers would always look for the path of least resistance.

Boris Johnson’s spokesperson commented on the protesters and said: “While peaceful protest remains an important cornerstone of our democracy, threatening, intimidating or abusive language cannot be tolerated.

“What is completely unacceptable is for those who disagree with our approach to try and target individuals – be they ministers, or indeed schools, or parents and children.

“That sort of behaviour is abhorrent and will never be tolerated in a democratic society.”

London Mayor Sadiq Khan added: “Politicians should be able to go out without being intimidated or fearing for their safety.”

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