Farage urged to return to politics as Brexiteers fume at Boris Johnson: SELL OUT!

Nigel Farage lauds 'global vote of confidence' for Brexit Britain

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GB News host Nigel Farage has expressed intention to become a more dominant force within the Reform UK party, which he founded in 2018, after criticising Boris Johnson’s “failure” to get Brexit done. Today, the Government announced a new “Brexit Freedoms” bill to mark the two-year anniversary of “Getting Brexit Done”.

The bill is expected to cut £1billion of EU red tape for businesses and improve regulation, but Mr Farage says it’s too little too late. Today he tweeted: “Two years on from Brexit Day and only now is there a Brexit Freedoms Bill to cut EU red tape. What took so long?” The announcement follows the Prime Minister’s New Year’s Day pledge to go “further and faster” to maximise the benefits of Brexit in 2022.

In a poll of 4,665 Express.co.uk readers, held from January 27 to 31, a huge 86 percent said Mr Farage should return to politics, meanwhile 11 percent said he should not, and a further three percent were not sure.

One reader nicknamed “English pride” said: “Nigel Farage is the best Prime Minister we never had! He’s one of only a handful of politicians I trust.”

Another added: “Farage you need to come back as Boris is making a balls-up of [Brexit]. Don’t trust a Tory!”

When asked whether Mr Farage would have done a better job on Brexit than Mr Johnson, 85 percent of voters said he would have, 12 percent said he would have done a worse job, and three percent were not sure.

Voter Elese said: “Yes Nigel would most certainly have done a better job. Brexit was his and he is very passionate about what he achieved.”

Another voter said: “Nigel is fighting for what every Brexiteer wants; a complete Brexit which means out of the EU. Completely, once and for all, so we all know exactly where we are.”

Express.co.uk reader Nicholas Powell added: “The Conservative Party have not honoured the referendum we voted for.”

Jon Johnson agreed: “All Boris does is backtrack back down and surrender!

“He has achieved none of the manifesto promises that got him elected!”

“SELLOUT! No chance of being re-elected.”

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