Fisheries fightback! Boris to announce major fisheries windfall in days – EU legacy OVER

Boris Johnson says Scottish fishermen will be ‘compensated’

Ministers held conversations with industry leaders over the weekend to hear more about the struggles fisheries were experiencing. Boris Johnson last week promised compensation for those impacted by the Brexit trade deal.

The Prime Minister’s official spokesman said Mr Johnson stood by his trade deal and believed the fisheries would boom oncer “temporary issues” had been overcome.

He said: “The agreement delivers for our fisherman.

“We are taking back control of our waters.

“There will be a 25 percent uplift in quota by the end of the five and a half years.


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“That begins at 15 percent.

“We believe this is a good deal for fisheries, but we will obviously work with them to address and temporary issues they face.”

The Brexit trade deal with the EU sees fisheries given a larger share of the catch in British waters.

However, firms have expressed outrage at the red tape and paperwork required as part of the agreement.

They say delays at ports when exporting to the continent has severely hit their businesses, with some buyers in the EU now looking to purchase fish from elsewhere.

This afternoon No10 rejected accusations the industry was experiencing a full blown crisis but vowed to set out steps to support those struggling.

The Prime Minister’s spokesman said: “We’re working extremely closely with the fishing industry to look at how we can resolve temporary issues that we face.

“We will look to help and compensate them for some of the issues that they’ve faced since the end of the transition period.

“Over the course of the weekend, Scotland Office Minister David Duguid and Fishing Minister Victoria Prentis spoke to the Scottish Fishermans Federation and the Scottish Seafood Association about the concerns the industry have and we will set out more details shortly on how we will continue to help and support the industry.”

Fishing companies have headed to London today to protest the deal near Downing Street.

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Scottish seafood lorries parked up by No10 to protest against being “tied in knots with paperwork”.

Many trucks were sporting messages, such as “Incompetent government destroying the seafood industry”.

A spokesperson from DR Collin & Son, who were taking part in the protest, said: “We have been asked to take part in a peaceful protest with another 20-plus Shellfish Exporters from around the whole of the UK in connection with the current difficulties that the seafood industry is facing due to the new Brexit regulations.

“The industry is being tied in knots with paperwork requirements which would be easy enough to navigate, given that companies have put in the time and training in order to have all the relevant procedures in place for January 1 2021.

“However, all the training is going to waste as the technology is outdated and cannot cope with the demands being placed on it – which in turn is resulting in no produce being able to leave the UK.

“These are not ‘teething issues’ as reported by the Government and the consequences of these problems will be catastrophic on the lives of fishermen, fishing towns and the shellfish industry as a whole.

“Action needs to be taken urgently to allow the procedures to be realigned in a manner which reflects the time restraints faced in the export of live shellfish to Europe.

“We are trying to adapt our business together with our customers with a view to come into line with the new regulations, however, no-one is listening to our industry.”

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