FMQs LIVE: Sturgeon lines up for brutal grilling after humiliating pension U-turn

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Ian Blackford, Westminster leader of the SNP, made the bold claim last week that “absolutely nothing” would change about the payment of the state pension if Scotland became independent. He said: “That commitment to continue to pay pensions rests with the UK Government”. Despite backlash, Ms Sturgeon initially defended the position on the BBC, claiming the pension payment plan would be a “matter of negotiation” upon leaving the United Kingdom. However, on Wednesday, the Scottish First Minister finally admitted on “an ongoing basis it will be for the Scottish Government to fund Scottish pensions”. Ms Sturgeon will come under fire from Scottish Conservative leader Douglas Ross at midday in Holyrood.


Scottish pension payment plan a matter of negotiation, Sturgeon told BBC

Before U-turning and admitting an independent Scotland would have to pay its own pensions, Nicola Sturgeon claimed it would be open for negotiation. 

Speaking to the BBC, she insisted that the “position hasn’t changed” since the referendum and stressed that who pays out pensions in an independent Scotland “will be a matter of negotiations at the point of independence”.

She added: “There are assets and liabilities, including pensions, that of course will be subject to negotiation when Scotland becomes independent.

“On an ongoing basis it will be for the Scottish Government to fund Scottish pensions, but in terms of how we take account of historic assets and liabilities, that will be a matter of negotiation.”

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